This blog with be used to allow users to keep up with the current status of the JawberDoo.com web site.
Jawber who?

UPDATE 8/20/2010: All of the status messages that were on the live test site have been converted to blog posts and added to this blog.

I'm back to working on JawberDoo full time.  Other than what is currently on the test site I haven't posted very much, so I decided to take some time to give everyone an update.  There have been quite a few developments in the past couple of months, so here we go.

After talking with some users, we decided to add more support for agencies.  While the site will not allow agencies to post jawb listings it will allow employers to post listings that are visible to jawb seekers and/or agency agents.  Jawb seekers will be able to find direct positions with employers and agency agents will be able to find positions where the employer wishes to deal with agencies either solely or in addition to jawb seekers.  Agencies may then use their resources, and others, to find applicants.  The idea here is to make it as simple as possible for employers to post positions and for jawb seekers to find them.

While working on the database changes we decided to implement the manual entry of GPS coordinates for each address in the database.  We had been doing a simple zip code lookup which typically returns either the post office GPS location or the GPS location of the center of the zip code zone.  One of our future plans was to use a geocoding service for the GPS coordinates, so I did some research and I found 2 services that offer free address lookups.  They don't validate addresses to USPS standards (ZIP Code Lookup), but they do give accurate GPS coordinates.  I've completed the WCF coding for one of them, and will complete the coding for the other shortly.  I'll tell you why I'm using 2 providers and their names in a later post, but this is great news.

A couple months ago I wrote the post, "Dropping the use and support of all Telerik products".  The ComponetArt control suite is much better than that of Telerik's, but it is missing a CAPTCHA control.  After searching a bit, I found an open source project at The Code Project for A CAPTCHA Server Control for ASP.NET.  I am currently in the process of modifying it so that it may be added to my framework library.  The interesting thing is that it looks like Telerik did the same thing, as their control is line-by-line identical to that of the open source project, which was written years before Telerik made their control available.

I need to get back to finishing off the CAPTCHA control, but I will try to be a little more diligent with my blog postings.

New functionality for Agencies

We've had requests for an additional type of listing where employer agents will create listings that are only visible to agencies, which we believe is a good idea for the greater picture. This is going to require some significant changes that require us to place the current testing on hold. We will update you when testing is again available.

Control changes

Due to several issues related to the Telerik controls that are currently being used, we decided to drop their use and go with the controls from ComponentArt. It will take a couple months to convert everything over and to create some custom AJAX.NET controls that we need. During this time there will not be any site updates.

BUG: Account creation

Due to a bug in one of the stored procedures, account creation had been offline. This has now been fixed.

Search is functional

The search code is now fully functional, but we are reworking the order processing to make it more intuitive to use. A few test jawbs (in San Diego, CA) with no expiration have been added for testing purposes. Once complete, the open beta test phase will begin.

Mission Statement

JawberDoo.com is a national database of jawb links that can easily be searched by industry, category, specialization, and location, at no cost to jawb seekers.  Our purpose is to link jawb seekers with employers at a nominal cost to the employer, while reducing the risks of doing business over the Internet.  Site ads are used as an additional revenue source, but they should be tasteful and useful to users.  Any ad that does not meet these criteria, or impacts the performance of the site, will be removed.

JawberDoo is the result of an idea that began while watching a CNBC jobs special.  There was a discussion about hidden jobs, and after some research it was learned that the only sites dedicated to listing these jobs had some significant issues.  It was very difficult to obtain a useful list of open jobs and there is no way of knowing which listings are real and which are fake (i.e. phishing schemes) as anyone can create posts.

To reduce these risks, we have implemented the following listing rules:

  1. Jawbs may only be listed by the employer (domestic or commercial) that is providing the position.
  2. Agency agents are not permitted to create listings.
  3. Employers may make an offer pending a reference/background check, but they may not attempt to contact the references of applicants until after an offer is made.
  4. Prior to making an offer, employers and their agents may not require an applicant to provide references.
  5. The hiring company is charged a nominal service fee (waived during our test phases) of $1/day for each listing and type (i.e. Jawb Seeker or Agency) with a 7 day minimum per listing per order.
  6. The service fee may only be paid by a check (electronic or physical) drawn upon an account owned by, and under the name of, the employer.

Employer agents will be able to create listings that are visible to select agencies or all agencies on a listing-by-listing basis. Agencies will be required to use other resources to find applicants, they may not use this site for such purposes.

Those who violate any of these rules shall be held legally and financially responsible for any and all damages that are the direct or indirect result of such violation, without limiation.

Future plans for this site include:

  • Informational pages to help users with their resumes, and how to interview.
  • Forums for users to share their experiences, and to help others with their jawb search.
  • A standardized XML resume format and open source resume creation application.

It is our quest to provide jawb seekers with a list of all the jobs in their area that they may be qualified for, and to do it without cheating them out of their hard earned cash.

William Bosacker
WGB Enterprises, Inc.


In my spare time I have been working on a new web site, JawberDoo.com.  JawberDoo.com is a national database of jawb links that can easily be searched by industry, category, specialization, and location, at no cost to jawb seekers. The purpose is to link jawb seekers with employers at a nominal cost to the employer, while reducing the risks of doing business over the Internet.

A friend of mine (Vertigo) has been eagerly awaiting the site, so I thought I'd let him and everyone else know that I'm working on it.  The site will support at least 100,000 requests/hour and is being designed with a web farm deployment in mind.  When it's ready, I'll post more about the site and it's mission statement.